Liam Neeson is reportedly in talks to sign up for Taken 3, with a whopping £13 million offer in the pipeline.

The star, who has played the role of former CIA agent Bryan Mills in two previous films, hasn’t always seemed so keen.

On the suggestion of a third movie last year, Neeson told Digital Spy: “It would have to be believable. The premise would have to be believable."

Yeah, you know, like in Taken 2 where Liam and his on-screen wife get taken and their daughter (who was taken in the first film) outwits the terrorists by hiding in a hotel cupboard. That’s the kind of realism Liam wants to see.

A third film might work: after all, Taken 2 pulled in £243 million at the worldwide box office.

Who would be taken (if anyone) in the third film hasn’t been hinted at, but producer Luc Besson is already said to have a script in the works.

Luc's bound to be lining up Liam's on-screen daughter Kim for another ill-fated holiday.

Or perhaps they’ll switch it up for the third and Neeson's character will do the taking. Get some revenge, use that particular set of skills to his advantage. As long as he gives a few dramatic speeches via mobile phone, fans will be happy.