Jim Carrey says first trailer backlash was “a good thing” for Sonic the Hedgehog movie

The star said that "it was just a much better movie" due to the changes made following the criticism

Jim Carrey as Robotnik/Eggman in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

Jim Carrey has claimed that the negative reaction which met the first Sonic the Hedgehog trailer was “a good thing.”


When the trailer was released last April, the design of the beloved video game character sparked a backlash amongst fans with his human teeth, small eyes and long legs singled out for criticism.

This prompted a redesign of the character, causing delays to the release of the film – which eventually found its way to cinemas on Friday 14th February.

Carrey, who plays villain Dr Robotnik in the film, told Fox News, “It turned out to be a co-op where everybody was in on the creation. I think everybody felt good about it ultimately because Jeff Fowler [had] no ego involved at all.

“He just went, ‘These people grew up with it, and it’s important to them that we get it right’. And I think it was just a much better movie because of it.”

Carrey’s comments chime with those of co-star Ben Schwartz, who provides the voice of Sonic in the movie.

Speaking to RadioTimes.com, Schwartz said, “We had no idea if anybody would care about the trailer. We knew that we loved it, we cared so deeply about the property… and the reaction was so passionate and so much bigger than we could have assumed that it really put  new breath into this movie.”

“It was like ‘oh this is an entity that people care about let’s see what we can do to make it the best it can possibly be’. But the biggest thing for us was that people cared and were excited.”


Sonic the Hedgehog is currently showing in UK cinemas.