Genius 12-year-old creates brilliant Beauty and the Beast prequel starring Gaston and LeFou

So THAT’s how it happened…


If the new Beauty and the Beast live-action remake didn’t have enough Gaston backstory for you, then boy do we have a treat for you: an entire clay animation explaining how Gaston and sidekick LeFou first met, complete with catchy song.


Written by 12-year-old Robert Nelson, the short film was directed by Kevin Ulrich as part of a team-up between Disney, Young Storytellers and Tongal to give four kids the chance to tell Beauty and the Beast stories.

Watch it in all it’s low-fi glory below.

Sure, it’s not exactly the “soldiers at war together” backstory suggested by the new film, but this short is so charming we doubt any fans will be frothing at the mouth at any continuity issues.

And if you want to create a short film yourself? Come on – be our guest.


Beauty and the Beast in is UK cinemas now