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Where Arne Johnson and the Glatzels are now - what happened after The Conjuring 3

Here's what happened to the key characters in the third Conjuring movie after the events of the movie.

Published: Sunday, 13th June 2021 at 7:20 pm

The Conjuring 3 takes a look at the unusual trial of Arne Johnson, and his court case, where he argued he was possessed by a demon.


Michael Chaves' movie The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It dives into the Arne Cheyenne Johnson case, looking at the real-life murder trial in a different approach to the usual Conjuring movie.

The movie slightly changes the true story behind The Conjuring 3, tweaking it to fit the narrative, but it does stick fairly closely to the real-life events.

A few names were changed - mainly the murder victim Alan Bono, who is "Bruno" here.

The main change covers the investigations and the possession as the only real source here was the Warrens and the Glatzel family, who actually disagreed over what happened.

The end slate for the movie shows the real Arne Johnson, detailing that he was convicted of manslaughter on 24th November, 1981 and that he served five years of the 10-20 year sentence. But where is he now?

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Where is Arne Johnson now?

Arne Johnson was let out on good behaviour after serving five years of his sentence. He was released in 1986.

Johnson married Debbie Glatzel while he was in prison. He also got his high school diploma while inside too. The pair went on to have two children.

The movie's end titles mention the marriage, though Debbie Glatzel has sadly passed away since the movie was made.

Is Arne Johnson still alive?

Not much else is known about Johnson, though Lorraine Warren has said he worked for a landscaper after being released.

Both Arne Johnson and Debbie were involved with the movie and back the Warrens' version of events.

Lorraine wrote a book about the case, The Devil in Connecticut, with Gerald Brittle. They said they shared the profits from the book with the Glatzel family.

David's brother Carl Glatzel has spoken out against the book after it was republished (in 2006). He said it was a "complete lie". He also said "the Warrens concocted a phoney story about demons in an attempt to get rich and famous at our expense."

Carl claims the Warrens promised the family they'd be millionaires. It was later confirmed the family were paid $2,000. Carl also claims David was suffering with his mental health issues, and he simply recovered.

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In 2007, David and Carl filed a lawsuit against Brittle and the Warrens for unspecified financial damages.

They sued the authors and publishers for violating their privacy, libel and "intentional infliction of emotional distress."

Brittle claims his book is based on fact and he interviewed the Glatzel family for more than 100 hours, which he has video of. Lorraine Warren also said the six priests who performed exorcisms on Glatzel agreed that he was possessed.

Debbie Glatzel and Arne Johnson have always backed the account of the possession, but David's father denies his son was possessed.

First published 4th June, 2021

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The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It is out in cinemas and on HBO Max.


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