Netflix is due to deliver the third instalment in its Christmas Prince series in time for the festive season.


A Christmas Prince 3: The Royal Baby – one of the best Christmas movies on Netflix in 2019 – will return to the kingdom of Aldovia, where Queen Amber (Rose McIver) and King Richard (Ben Lamb) are awaiting a visit from the stork.

Find out everything you need to know about A Christmas Prince 3: The Royal Baby below…

When will A Christmas Prince 3: The Royal Baby be released on Netflix?

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby will debut on Netflix on Thursday 5th December 2019.

The other two films in the series – A Christmas Prince and A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding – are already available on the streaming service.

What will happen in A Christmas Prince 3: The Royal Baby?

Once again, ‘tis the season in snowy Aldovia, and Queen Amber and King Richard are preparing for the arrival of a royal baby.

Meanwhile, the King and Queen of neighbouring Penglia arrive to renew a sacred 600-year-old peace treaty. But when the hallowed document goes missing, the safety of their country is in jeopardy, and the royal couple start to fear an ancient curse.

Amber has to try and find the paper’s thief before the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve, for her family and the kingdom’s safety.

Fans of the first two films should have no trouble guessing how this holly, jolly story ends.

Who's in the cast of A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby?

iZombie’s Rose McIver and Divergent’s Ben Lamb return as the two star-of-Bethlehem-crossed lovers at the film’s core, Queen Amber and King Richard.

Kevin Shen (Unlocked) and Momo Yeung (Steth Lets Flats) also appear as King Tai and Queen Ming of Penglia.

What other Christmas Prince films are there on Netflix?

The Christmas Prince series started out in 2017 with a standalone film about a journalist falling in love with an ever-so-charming royal heir.

The original feature, called simply A Christmas Prince, was a surprise hit for the streaming service, and Netflix were quick to greenlight a sequel, subtitled 'The Royal Wedding'.

Although if the new threequel manages to capture the appeal of the original, who's to say what the theme of the next Christmas Prince film could be?


Is there a trailer?

Yes - check it out below...