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Chris Evans explains what makes his Buzz Lightyear different

Evans is taking over as the iconic space ranger in Pixar's Lightyear.

Published: Friday, 17th June 2022 at 12:46 pm
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It's fair to say there's been a little confusion in some quarters as to why Chris Evans is voicing the titular space ranger in Pixar's new film Lightyear rather than Tim Allen – who famously originated the role in the Toy Story films.


Director Angus MacLane previously explained that the reasoning was because this version of Buzz Lightyear is a real space ranger, as opposed to the toy seen in the earlier films, and now Evans himself has revealed what makes the character different this time around.

Speaking to and other press ahead of the film's release today (17th June), Evans said that his version of Buzz required a "slightly more nuanced interpretation".

"The Buzz that we all know is obviously a toy," he said. "And as a toy, there are certain ways that they can move through the world without the weight that we may carry, you know.

"A toy knows its purpose," he added. "It doesn't have to worry about disease or anything. The impacts of the choices that we make as people are a little bit more consequential, and it's fun to put Buzz against that backdrop."

Chris Evans voices Buzz Lightyear in the latest Pixar movie

Despite taking on the role, however, Evans said that delivering the character's well-known catchphrase "To Infinity and Beyond" was like "wearing someone else's clothes", and admitted that that line would always belong to Allen.

"As proud as I am to play this role and as honoured as I am to be a part of this universe now, that line belongs to someone else," he said.

"It almost kind of felt like I was wearing someone else's clothes or something, so you do your best to honour it and put your own spin on it, but let's be honest – that's Tim Allen's line!"

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