The Captor

The Captor

Robert Budreau (2018)

15 Certificate


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The reunion of writer/director Robert Budreau and star Ethan Hawke after acclaimed Chet Baker biopic Born to Be Blue (2015) is prefaced as "based on an absurd but true story", and breezily chronicles Sweden's first-ever hostage crisis. The incident in 1973 is now credited as the source of the concept of Stockholm Syndrome, the phenomenon of hostages becoming psychologically attached to their captors. In an understated beginning, Hawke rocks up to a Stockholm bank in cowboy garb (think Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider) and casually holds up the place, taking employees like mousy clerk Bianca (Noomi Rapace) hostage. Not everything is as it seems, though, especially when Mark Strong's notorious convict is released and added to the mix. Hawke bristles with cool bravado - he demands a Ford Mustang as getaway vehicle because the car was in Bullitt - and gives a magnetic performance as the pill-popping, Bob Dylan-loving antihero, Meanwhile, Rapace oozes believable vulnerability as the married mum torn between a life of domesticity and her charismatic jailer. The 70s are beautifully evoked (that means beige!) and there's a deft balance between the light-hearted and the serious. It may not all be true or indeed the complete story, with little of the aftermath re-enacted, but Hawke makes you wish it was.


An armed robber takes hostages in a bank while trying to negotiate the release of his former cellmate. However, as the tense stand-off between the criminal and the police drags out, the captives begin to take the side of their captor against the authorities. Fact-based crime drama, starring Ethan Hawke, Noomi Rapace and Mark Strong.

Cast & Crew

Kaj Hansson / Lars Nystrom Ethan Hawke
Bianca Lind Noomi Rapace
Gunnar Sorensson Mark Strong
Chief Mattsson Christopher Heyerdahl
Klara Mardh Bea Santos
Elov Eriksson Mark Rendall
Olof Palme Shanti Roney
Christopher Lind Thorbjorn Harr
Director Robert Budreau
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: SignatureGuidance: Violence, swearingReleased on: 21 Jun 2019