Giant Killer Ants

Giant Killer Ants

Ron Carlson (2017)



Our Score
If a collision between Spinal Tap and 1950s creature feature Them! sounds like a blast, then this big-bug brouhaha (with emphasis on ha-ha) should tickle your fancy. Out in the desert, ageing glam-metal group Sonic Grave and their motormouth manager (Tom Arnold) are heading for a comeback appearance at the Nochella festival. However, taking a peyote pitstop to recharge their creative juices and ignoring a shaman's don't-mess-with-nature warning soon puts them on the menu for flesh-eating ants. No prizes for the functional special effects, but the cast (including genre veterans Jake Busey, Danny Woodburn and Sean Astin) gives it plenty of manic gusto while the in-jokes ("I'm from the shire", says Astin in one throwaway) and the under-siege silliness of the spaced-out combo make for endearingly wacky entertainment. The drug-fuelled ditty, Side Boob, is so Tap, it hurts.

Cast & Crew

Danny Tom Arnold
Merick Jake Busey
Pager Rhys Coiro
Stevie Leisha Hailey
Art Sean Astin
Bigfoot Michael Horse
Firecracker Danny Woodburn
Love Cameron Richardson
Director Ron Carlson
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: SignatureGuidance: Violence, swearing, nudity, drug abuse