Secrets and Lies

The Son

Series 1 - Episode 8 The Son



Feeling he must do something to counter the apparently damning video evidence, Ben decides to retrace his steps on the night of Tom's murder, while his lawyer conceives of an alternative theory of the killing. Meanwhile, the Crawfords' marriage continues to disintegrate, and the turmoil has a devastating impact on their children. Drama, starring Juliette Lewis and Ryan Phillippe.

Cast & Crew

Ben Crawford Ryan Phillippe
Christy Crawford KaDee Strickland
Dave Lindsey Dan Fogler
Jess Murphy Natalie Martinez
Natalie Crawford Indiana Evans
Abby Crawford Belle Shouse
Det Andrea Cornell Juliette Lewis
John Garner Timothy Busfield
Elaine Williams Denise Dowse
Director Laura Innes
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