Kat and Alfie: Redwater – episode two plotline details REVEALED

Will Kat discover that her long-lost son is a killer?


Episode one of EastEnders spin-off Kat and Alfie: Redwater ended on a dramatic cliffhanger with Kat’s son revealed to murderous priest Dermott, who lost control at the shoreline and drowned village elder Lance. But what happens next? Will Kat discover the identity of her son – and the fact that he’s a cold-blooded killer?


On our next visit to Redwater, we’ll see the village in shock after the sudden death of Lance, whose drowned body has been discovered.

And there are new characters to meet: Eileen (Angeline Ball), is back from the States after a 20 year absence, with her son Kieran (Ian Toner). While Lance’s older daughter Roisin (Maria Doyle Kennedy) is less than keen to catch up with her estranged sister, Kieran is keen to catch up with his childhood friends Dermott (Oisin Stack) and Andrew (Peter Campion).


Families and friends may be reunited after 20 years, but as much as this is a celebration, old tensions are soon rising to the surface.

At the holiday cottage, Alfie (Shane Richie) tries to persuade Kat (Jessie Wallace) not to go to Lance’s wake. She decides to go along regardless, but will her meddling lead to the confirmation she craves or will she put her position in the village in jeopardy? And what shocks lie in store at the reading of the will?


There’s also a disturbing twist for the Moons who are left desperate after young Tommy (Henry Proctor) goes missing.

Their son is eventually tracked down to the church, but while Kat and Alfie find Tommy safe, they’re staggered to hear what he has learnt…

Kat and Alfie: Redwater continues next Thursday at 8:00pm on BBC1