Coronation Street: Samia Longchambon – “Maria is so stupid!”

The actress reveals all about Maria's upcoming fling with Adam


Coronation Street’s Maria is to sleep with smooth-talking Adam in next week’s episodes of the ITV soap. But is there an alternative motive behind the one-night stand?


“It’s to make Aidan jealous,” reveals actress Samia Longchambon. “Maria is being reckless and she sees Adam as a distraction and a way to make Aidan jealous. And it definitely does the trick!”

Next week’s Corrie will see Maria lose patience with Aidan after he continues to string her along while also refusing to leave girlfriend Eva.


But when Aidan then spies Maria in the arms of Adam, it looks as though his seething jealousy will fuel him into scuppering this new relationship.

So where do Maria’s loyalties lie – would she want to be with Aidan if he was prepared to commit? “I think Maria loves Aidan. After going through the ordeal with Caz, she’s come to realise that he does have her back, which means a lot to her.”

And it looks like Maria is going to need her supporters as Christmas approaches. As Coronation Street has already revealed, this festive season will see Maria face the prospect of prison thanks to the exposure of her sham marriage to Pablo.


What with this, her naivety concerning Caz and the love triangle with Aidan and Eva, could this end up being Maria’s worst year ever in Weatherfield?

“I have to say that Maria does frustrate me a lot,” laughs the actress. “I’ve stuck with her my whole adult life, so there is something about this character that I do love. But despite everything she’s been through, she’s still so gullible. When I read the scripts, I’m like, ‘God, she’s so stupid!’ But you are kind of willing her to have that happy ending!”

Whether she gets one, though, remains to be seen…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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