Geordie Shore is banned from filming in Blackpool for being “less than savoury”

Tourism bosses explain that the MTV reality series would show the iconic holiday town in a negative light


Blackpool relies heavily on tourism and, although often perceived as one of Britain’s tackiest resorts, officials have decided to turn down a filming request from Lime Pictures to shoot the ninth series of MTV’s Geordie Shore in town.


Geordie Shore may show the area in a “less than savoury light,” said councillor Graham Cain to Chronicle Live.

The reality TV series follows a group of young people from Newcastle upon Tyne behaving badly. Incredibly, hotels and travel agents have seen an uplift in visitors to Newcastle since the show began in 2011.

The characters’ consistently vulgar behaviour, including ‘pulling competitions’, boob flashing, and binge drinking, has been captured in various cities around the world, such as Sydney, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Prague.

Blackpool, however, was certain it did not want to take part in the series. “As a town which relies on tourism we have to be careful about allowing programmes to be filmed which may show the resort in a detrimental manner,” said Cain.

Blackpool’s pubs and clubs have been saved from the cast’s wild nights out …let’s hope every council in Britain follows suit.


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