Emmerdale spoilers: Cain declares his feelings for Moira – preview pictures

“They’ve got a very passionate relationship and that’s what she’s drawn to,” says actress Natalie J Robb


Just when you thought that the romance between Cain and Moira was set to stall, he makes a heartfelt declaration that changes everything. Next week, viewers will see Cain (Jeff Hordley) finally state his feelings, but can he really bring himself to say the words “I love you”? 


“Well, he doesn’t say those exact words,” actress Natalie J Robb, who plays Moira, admits. “Moira says that she wants someone to take care of her and love her properly. Cain says, ‘You already have that’. She’s shellshocked and she does have to think about it and digest it a little bit. She realises that, if this is the case, their relationship could develop into something more serious and maybe it could work after all.” 

But after Moira keeps Cain hanging on for a response, he decides to escape to Glasgow for a while and tells her to forget what he said: 

“Moira just immediately thinks ‘He’s running away, here we go again’. She’s at the end of her tether at this point because she can’t cope with all these ups and downs. Moria storms off, but then Cain runs after and makes a truce by giving her his toothbrush to keep at her place. He sorts it out and they’re together after that.” 

So does Natalie think that Cain can really give Moira what she needs? “He’ll always be Cain and he’ll always be edgy,” she says. “They’ve got a very passionate relationship and that’s what she’s drawn to. But I think she thinks he’s capable of a proper relationship.” 


And does she believe that viewers want the pair to be together? “People seem to like the fiery chemistry between us. It’s all positive feedback. Especially from women – they all think I’m really lucky. Which I am, I suppose!”