Soap spoilers! The week ahead in Coronation Street, Emmerdale and EastEnders

2-8 February: Zainab looks set to leave Albert Square, while Tyrone plans to flee Weatherfield with baby Ruby


Coronation Street


With most of the neighbourhood now Team Kirsty rather than Team Tyrone, the beleaguered dad decides he has only one avenue left open: take baby Ruby and flee the street. Someone else whose options have suddenly narrowed is Gail — thanks to Lewis’s scheming, she’s forced to find somewhere new to live. Will Nick do the decent thing and allow her to move in with him? Because, of course, that won’t be at all annoying for Leanne…


Relationship heartache reigns — Chas is frosty with Cameron (well, she did witness him wielding that wrench), while the passion of Cain and Moira (aka Fifty Shades of Dung) is also fizzling out. Then there’s Declan, who finds himself out-muscled by Andy and tells him to stop visiting Katie at Home Farm. At least Power-Dressing Debbie provides some respite from the love angst when she gets in deep with Steve the drug runner.



After more than five years, it looks like Zainab is about to relinquish her role as Walford’s gossipmonger-in-chief and principal social climber. After a lot of soul-searching (no doubt brought on by that eyeful of Ayesha in a towel), Masood calls time on his and Zainab’s life together. But as one relationship crashes and burns, another is flourishing: yes, Max is making a decent dent in Kirsty’s memory foam mattress. It’s a sight that Abi won’t forget in a hurry.