Soap pick of the day: Gloria leaves Coronation Street

Lewis gets his revenge in tonight's ITV1 double bill


Don’t be fooled by Lewis’s urbane charm or that silky smooth voice – this is a man on a mission. Lewis’s aim is destroy Gloria’s reputation and tonight he spies his chance when the Rovers wins Lancashire Leisure Magazine’s pub of the year. 


Following last week’s humiliation, Lewis is determined to set Gloria up for a fall and the prize-giving ceremony proves to be the perfect opportunity. 

After hearing from Norris and Mary how Gloria cheated by writing her own customer comment cards, Lewis puts in a sneaky call to the Gazette. Needless to say, all goes pear-shaped for Gloria when – mid-way through the big event – Lewis suggests that the so-called compliment slips be read aloud to the assembled group.


The chaos that ensues forces Gloria to reconsider staying in Weatherfield and gives Lewis a secret thrill that he’s been the cause of her undoing. But has he slaked his thirst for revenge or will there be a further victim?


Coronation Street is on ITV1 tonight at 7.30 and 8.30pm