Coronation Street spoilers! Autumn plots in Weatherfield revealed

Find out what happens to some of the soap's best-known couples


Autumn is shaping up to be a stormy season for some couples on Coronation Street, as we can see from this mean and moody new photo. So here’s what lies ahead in Weatherfield during October and November. 


Leanne and Nick

Leanne’s divorce papers come through, which can only be good news, right? Uh-oh. It soon becomes clear that Leanne doesn’t exactly share Nick’s delight at this development – and when Eva discovers that there’s trouble in paradise, she hatches a plan to make it work in her favour. Could it be the end for Nick and Leanne once again?

Maria and Marcus

We’ve now seen a passionate smooch between the two flatmates – something that neither of them saw coming (even if we had a bit of an inkling!). But Marcus and Maria are desperate to put the kiss down to a mistake and move on with their respective partners. But do they still have genuine feelings for each other? What a tangle!

Tina and Tommy

The strain has been showing for these two ever since Tina agreed to act as surrogate for Izzy and Gary. She may have solved their debt crisis, but Tommy has struggled to come to terms emotionally with the decision. In the coming months, news of Tina’s pregnancy will spread, but can Tommy deal with the questions of his neighbours and friends? 

Kirsty and Tyrone

How anyone could hit Tyrone is a mystery. It must be like punching a Care Bear. But evil Kirsty truly means business this autumn and thanks to Birth Certificate-gate, Ty is feeling absolutely powerless. Can he stay with a woman who makes him fear for his life?

Michelle and Steve


Steve has a masterplan to get Toxic Tracy away from Ryan, but it’s a scheme that could backfire, especially where his current girlfriend is concerned. Will Steve be crying into that tatty Streetcars armchair when he realises that Rob Donovan is waiting in the wings for Michelle?