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Will Neighbours villain Finn Kelly kill his own father in deadly showdown?

His deadly side emerges...

Neighbours Finn
Published: Monday, 2nd March 2020 at 12:57 pm

Neighbours bad boy, Finn Kelly (Rob Mills), has been slowly getting his memories back and it seems there will be a big explosion in the coming weeks as he comes to terms with who he is.


From next Monday (9th March), he hunts down a locker which contains memories of his past.

In a bid to find this mysterious storage container, he pays Harry Sinclair a visit - remember, Harry was his old boss and although in prison, is the key to his discovery.

Manipulative Finn does his best and gets the information he needs - the address.

Finn races to the storage locker and finds the wheelchair he used when he was pretending to be Patrick way back last year.

He later opens up to Susan and Karl Kennedy that he went to see Harry and he tells them not to worry, he found it very helpful.

However, Finn's woes go from bad to worse when he makes the decision to see his father, Trent (Peter Hougton).

Everyone tells him not to and Elly Conway is especially nervous - following the bombshell revealing his dad could have stopped his kidnapping in Colombia, she thinks he shouldn't go anywhere near him.

Although Trent insisted he was sorry for what happened in Colombia, Finn finds it hard to let go of the ordeal.

Of course, a tense showdown breaks out as the villain can't help but make his feelings known.

In spoiler pictures, Finn can be seen pushing his father with a very angry look on his face.

Will he go all the way and kill him?

We know Finn and his quest for revenge will feature heavily in the upcoming 35th anniversary.

Tantalising details about the upcoming celebration reveal Elly's 35th birthday on Pierce's island go awry when Finn sets his eyes on those who did him wrong.


With three confirmed to die, who will perish in the anniversary celebrations?

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