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Neighbours' Susan and Karl to split as Jackie Woodburne teases "massive challenge" for pair

Surely not!

Published: Wednesday, 22nd April 2020 at 6:00 am

Neighbours fans across the globe will be holding their breath as it looks like Karl (Alan Fletcher) and Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) are on the rocks.


After a tumultuous couple of months for poor Susan which almost saw her killed at the hands of murderous Finn Kelly, you'd think she'd be able to get her life back on track now.

But it's sadly not the case as the coming weeks will see our beloved educator discover her husband has his doubts.

Karl never wanted Finn back on Ramsay Street, but caring Susan let him into their house.

After a couple of months, he'd remembered his evil past and set about getting revenge on those who did him wrong, leaving three dead in the 35th anniversary.

Although he's dead and buried himself, that doesn't stop a grieving Sheila Canning pointing the finger at Susan for not realising a leopard never changes his spots - and unfortunately for Susan, her husband thinks the same.

"The biggest betrayal of all is she probably will get through this until it becomes apparent that Karl blames her for bringing Finn back onto [Ramsay Street]," Woodburne exclusively tells

She adds: "I think when she realises that she’s completely devastated. If he can’t have her back and be her champion then she’s just free-falling. She’s got no anchor, no safety line. She’s lost."

Woodburne admits Susan has some element of conscience about Gary's death and understands the Canning matriarch's need for revenge.

neighbours karl sheila susan

"Susan feels responsible for killing Sheila’s son – it doesn’t get much more primal than that, a mother’s grief. Knowing the person she thinks is responsible for that, how would you sleep at night?

"You would want to see them punished. You would want to see their lives torn apart like yours. Susan is a mother, she would get this. That doesn’t give her peace, that just makes it worse. She understands Sheila’s pain and Sheila’s grief."

But when Karl turns on her, Woodburne admits there's a "massive challenge" on the horizon for Susan and her love.

As she admits the "repercussions will go on for some time", Woodburne continues: "The challenge of course is going to be will the love be stronger than the pain? It’s not a quick fix and it does go on for some time and there are some obstacles that come along to make things worse… we’ve got to hope with so many decades of marriage behind them the love will be strong enough to get them through. I don’t want them to split up!"

We've got our fingers crossed they can get past this latest hurdle!

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