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6 Neighbours spoilers for next week: Sheila lashes out and Kennedys shaken after crime

Plus, Harlow faces a clash with Paul

Neighbours Susan
Published: Saturday, 18th April 2020 at 6:00 am

Neighbours fans are about to get more episodes in the coming weeks and that only means one thing - more drama!


With Sheila battling just about everyone on Ramsay Street and Harlow facing devastation, it's business as usual in Erinsborough.

But there's an awful lot more in store for our Neighbours residents - here's your spoilers for Monday 20th April to Friday 24th April.

Sheila takes drastic action

neighbours sheila gary death

Poor Sheila Canning (Colette Mann) can't find peace following the loss of her son - and neither should she be expected to. She's turning on just about everyone, as we thought she would, and now she's set her sights on David Tanaka-Brennan and the Kennedy family. When she realises Dr David didn't spot Finn's returning evil persona, she tries to report him to the medical board and even turns to her on-off fling Clive to fire him. Of course, her wild actions are stymied at every chance. But it's her new nemesis, David, who actually has an idea to ensure she's listened to... Will she be able to get the help she so desperately needs?

Harlow suffers a devastating blow

Neighbours Harlow

Finally, Harlow Robinson (Gemma Donovan) makes it home from hospital after recovering from her injuries. She is completely overwhelmed by the death of her mother, Prue, and curls into a shell of herself with her headphones firmly in place. Paul and Terese eventually discover what she's been listening to - her mother's last voicemail. They desperately try to get her to stop but tensions rise in the Willis household which culminates in Paul deleting Prue's voicemail.

Harlow is furious and it looks like there's no way back for her relationship with Paul - that is, until Mark Brennan reveals the police have a copy she can have once the investigation is finished. Although Paul might have squeezed out of this one, it doesn't take long before he's back in Harlow's bad books when he shuns the idea of Prue's memorial incorporating some elements of the Order's beliefs.

At the same time, Harlow and Hendrix take their relationship to the next level and sleep together. However, poor Harlow is left feeling a little uncomfortable after it all, and Paul overhears the wrong thing leading him to erupt at Hendrix. And when Paul takes action, is this the end of Harlow and Paul's relationship?

The Kennedys face a break-in

neighbours karl susan

Susan and Karl's house gets ransacked and unfortunately, the culprit could be closer to home than they think... Is it Sheila? Meanwhile, Mark and Sky are put on the job and while they investigate, Claudia makes full use of their situation. There's no forensics, and it all makes for tension between the Canning and Kennedy households.

Shane makes an important life decision

Shane Rebecchi

Shane Rebecchi has been doing some thinking and he eventually is offered an accelerated degree program at university. It means he could have a good qualification by the end of the year, but he has his doubts about whether he could keep a job and study at the same time. A frank discussion with Yashvi sets him on the path to his future... what will he choose?

Kyle and Roxy come to an agreement

Neighbours spoilers Roxy
Neighbours spoilers: Roxy plans a naked brunch

We loved seeing Kyle and Roxy together during the 35th anniversary, and they decide to have a chat about it in the coming week. David and Aaron think Kyle is bottling up his emotions, and thankfully the memorial allows him to loosen up a bit - which means he can chat to Roxy. The connection is still there and it looks good, until the morning after. They both panic about their session and Roxy suggests they go back to being friends. But they're both hiding their true feelings - will they be able to get past the awkwardness over a drink?


Elsewhere in Erinsborugh...

  • Mackenzie struggles with living alone and realises paying her own way is expensive. Roxy offers her some Waterhole freebies, but Shane finds himself suspicious about the pair...
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