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Neighbours spoilers: Finn unleashes his rage as both Marks face love woes

And the Cannings fight

Neighbours Finn
Published: Sunday, 8th March 2020 at 7:00 am

Events move fast in Neighbours, but thankfully we’ve got you covered with our helpful guide to what’s coming next in Erinsborough.


Here’s every spoiler you need to know for Neighbours between Monday 9th March – Friday 13th March 2020 as we get ever closer to the 35th anniversary...

Finn has a revelation

Neighbours Finn
Neighbours' Finn

Finn Kelly (Rob Mills) is getting ever so close to having his full memory back, and it’s all centering on the storage locker he recalls. He works out that dodgy Harry Sinclair is the one with the secrets and pays a trip to him in prison to see how he’s doing. When there, Finn plays into Harry’s affection for him and not before long, he manages to find out the address of the all-important locker. When in the middle of rummaging through his things, he finally comes face-to-face with his evil past and Finn has to work out why he used to be so bad.

But that’s not all as Finn plans to meet up with his dad, Trent, in a bid to get answers for his dodgy dealings in Colombia. A vicious fight erupts but will his dad make it out alive? Later on in the week, Finn’s mind turns to Elly and he can’t stop thinking about how kind she was to him previously. He’s been trying to fight his feelings but he can’t – Finn is in love with Elly! But does she feel the same way?

Lucy and Mark plan for the future

Neighbours Lucy and Mark
Neighbours' Lucy and Mark

We were all thrilled to see lovely Lucy Robinson (Melissa Bell) and Mark Gottlieb (Bruce Samazan) finally pronounce their love for each other. After a steamy session in the Lassiters office, Lucy can’t help but brag to Terese about their antics. But despite everything, where are they at? Terese wonders what the next step is and Lucy is forced to have the first commitment chat with Mark.

And what’s more, their relationship goes from strength to strength as Mark pulls out all the stops on romantic gestures. However, there’s the question of living in different countries – with Mark undecided about whether or not to move to New York with Lucy, can they really make it work? And is there a happily ever after on the cards for these two lovebirds?

Prue has a confessional

Neighbours Prue
Neighbours' Prue

Prue Wallace’s (Denise Van Outen) certainly surprised everyone when she rocked up in Erinsborough, but it seems the shocks haven’t ended there. Prue is desperate to get Harlow on board for her upcoming nuptials to Gary and decides to take her on a Hen’s day trip. They bond over champagne and hairstyles, but when Prue leaves she accidentally forgets to take her laptop and Harlow finds the real reason the parted ways with the Order. How will Prue explain this one?

Harlow has a decision to make

Neighbours Harlow
Neighbours' Harlow

After her kiss with Hendrix, Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan) finds herself pretty confused about where she’s at. She’s already confused about her mum’s recent bombshell and with her feelings for Hendrix thrown into the mix, she’s a big ball of turmoil. Having put her woes with Prue to one side, Harlow focuses on Hendrix and decides to address the kiss. But what does she have in store for him?

Gary and Kyle clash

Neighbours Gary and Kyle
Neighbours' Gary and Kyle

Not content with his dad’s upcoming nuptials, Kyle Canning (NAME) insists he can’t support Gary (Damien Richardson) and Prue’s wedding. Gary is devastated but his problems get worse when he buys Prue a new motor, only to find Karl completely furious with him. Kyle can’t keep his mouth shut for long and erupts, causing the pair to fight.

When the dust settles, Sheila convinces Gary to make amends with his boy, but Toadie says to focus on the woman he loves. Gary resolves to head over to Kyle but will they be able to bury the hatchet?

Jane gets an unexpected admirer… or does she?

Neighbours Jane Harris
Neighbours' Jane Harris

Poor Jane Harris (Annie Jones). She’s been really left in the dark over her catfish Richard, and even though Paul knows it’s Mannix, he hasn’t had the heart to tell her. In fact, he goes one better and sends Jane a letter, pretending to come from Richard. Of course, Jane is beside herself, believing Richard is still madly in love with her, and she becomes freshly obsessed with him.

However, it seems Terese is on to Paul. When she reads this romantic letter, knowing it’s from her husband, she can’t help but wonder if Paul has feelings for Jane. She confronts him about it but she may not get the answer she was hoping for…

Mark and Paige hit a bump in the road

Neighbours Mark and Paige
Neighbours' Mark and Paige

Everyone’s favourite Erinsborough couple are back dating, but the course of true love never did run smoothly for Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor) and Paige Smith (Olympia Valance). The pair are desperate for a peaceful date alone, and as Mark tries to get back on track, it seems they can’t get a moment to themselves. Although the meddling is well-meaning, will it actually put a dampener on the relationship?

However, Mark takes a call from Tyler revealing Fay is sick and he’s needed back in Adelaide as a matter of urgency. And Paige is needed back in Queensland with Jack and baby Gabe. Can they make their long-distance relationship work?

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