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Neighbours spoilers: Elly Conway dealt a cruel blow as Finn delivers a bombshell

Plus, Mackenzie returns!

Published: Sunday, 5th April 2020 at 6:00 am

Neighbours is getting juicy as evil Finn Kelly (Rob Mills) continues to haunt Ramsay Street after his death.


With Elly facing prison and Erinsborough struggling to get back to normal, what does next week have in store for our favourite characters?

Read on to find out your spoilers for Monday 6th to Friday 10th April...

Finn has one more bombshell in store...

rob mills finn kelly neighbours

Finn might be dead and buried, but that hasn't stopped his wicked ways having huge consequences for Ramsay Street. The villain has particularly been playing on Dr David's mind, who fears he will never be trusted as a medical man again for not noticing Finn's memory returning. However, Mark Brennan has a trick up his sleeve to help his brother-in-law come to terms with what's happened - and more importantly, show him it's not his fault. Mark produces a video diary from Finn which explains exactly what went wrong, but it's Chloe Brennan who's ears prick up over it, when she knows exactly who needs to watch them...

Chloe wonders if Elly should watch the videos, and eventually she does, along with Bea for support. While Bea finds some comfort in them, it's a harder watch for Elly, who can't ignore the crucial turning point: it was Finn's kiss with Elly that triggered his return to his evil ways. Is this the final blow that will tip Elly over the edge?

Kyle gets a heart-warming surprise

8073 Sheila (Colette Mann) welcomes home her grandson Kyle (Chris Milligan)

Poor Kyle is still coming to terms with the loss of his dad, Gary Canning, but he sees it's time for normality. Although nervous, Kyle makes the brave decision to head back to work at The 82, which he ran with his dad. But to ensure he's not alone, his neighbours go out of their way to make his first day more bearable.

Dipi struggles with Gary's death

Neighbours Dipi

Following on from Gary's funeral, poor Dipi has been coming to terms with the loss of her friend. Shane is on hand to offer as much comfort as he can, but Dipi thinks he doesn't understand the extent of her grief. But following the shock arrival of Mackenzie, Dipi and Shane agree to put their differences aside following some good advice from Toadie. Are they back on track?

Mackenzie returns

neighbours mackenzie

Mackenzie has made her way back to Ramsay Street and it seems she has a big question for the Rebecchi family, but when she finds Dipi and Shane at odds, it's not the time to bring it up. However, she finds a confident in Roxy and talks through everything with her. It turns out, her Aunt Trish can return to Erinsborough, but only if the Rebecchis can take her in. When Dipi and Shane sort their differences, Mackenzie makes way to drop her bombshell, but Toadie is keen to stop her. Will Mackenzie reveal the truth?

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