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Will Neighbours' Paul Robinson reignite his romance with Jane? Terese makes an unexpected discovery...

Surely not!

Neighbours Paul
Published: Tuesday, 3rd March 2020 at 3:48 pm

Neighbours bad boy Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) has admittedly calmed down in recent years, following his marriage to Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou).


However, it seems Paul is rather taken by his mission to help Jane (Annie Jones) with her catfish, and the whole thing sets Terese's imagination alight.

It all started when Paul got his private investigator on to the case and quickly worked out it was actually Mannix who was behind the disguise of Richard, but didn't the hotel owner put a lot of effort into finding him out?

It gets worse, as the coming week on Neighbours see Paul go on a big mission to ensure Jane gets every penny Mannix scammed out of her back.

Believing he's doing the right thing, Paul doesn't tell Jane it's Mannix, and instead pens a final letter to her from "Richard", which goes on to say how very sorry he is for scamming her and explaining he did have genuine feelings for her.

But Jane just gets hope again that "Richard" is still in love with her - and she becomes infatuated once more.

Terese has no idea Paul had anything to do with the love note and sets his PI on to the case.

When he finds out what Terese did, Paul is adamant Jane can't ever find out it was him behind the final note.

But Terese can't escape how genuine the letter was and worries that Paul still has feelings for Jane.

We're pretty sure he's just being a good friend, but when Jane is already in a fragile place, has he made it all a whole lot worse?

And Terese has previously taken no prisoners when it came to Paul, having broken things off with him when he reverted to his old ways before.


Could this mark the beginning of the end of their marriage?

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