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Neighbours' Fay brings out a new side to Hendrix, says actor Benny Turland

"He has a real soft spot for her."

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Published: Monday, 10th August 2020 at 6:00 am

Number 28 has a new resident in the form of Chloe Brennan's (April Rose Pengilly) mother, Fay Brennan (Zoe Bertram). Fay, who suffers from Huntingdon's disease, was last seen in Neighbours for her son's ill-fated wedding and when we see her next, her condition has seriously deteriorated.


For Benny Turland who plays Hendrix Greyson, he thinks that Fay's arrival is a big turning point for his character with the two growing close while living under the same roof.

Speaking exclusively to, Benny said: "He really likes the warmth of Fay, he really takes that in. She talks to him about everything and she becomes like a safe zone for him. If he ever needs to talk to anyone, she has this nice way of saying things to Hendrix that makes life seems a little less bad and a little lighter and greener, He has a real soft spot for her."

But while the two get on, Hendrix does, at least to begin with, have some reservations about a person in such a vulnerable position coming to stay. "At first, he was terrified because she has a serious kind of illness and she’s living in the house, so everything is going to change and he feels like he can’t be as much himself, not as extroverted as he usually is."

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But Turland went on to say that Fay's time with the Greysons actually ends up being a big deal for Hendrix who winds up growing as a result. "It’s a huge learning curve for him, having to care about someone else more than himself, in his own house. Because he has to do things to make sure she stays healthy- it’s selfless and that’s a huge thing for Hendrix, I think."

We also spoke to April Rose Pengilly recently who said of the storyline: "The thing with Huntington’s is that it sort of comes and goes, but you never know when that is going to happen. So, it’s all about trying to keep Fay safe and it is quite confronting. Chloe does talk with her brothers in Adelaide frequently and goes to visit but when Fay comes to live with her long-term she’s faced with it 24/7. And I think also with each visit, watching the deterioration over time and what’s happened between visits, is difficult for Chloe."


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