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Exclusive – Neighbours star Georgie Stone on Mackenzie and Hendrix romance

Do we have the next Neighbours golden couple?

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Published: Tuesday, 8th June 2021 at 11:30 am

There is new love on Ramsay Street as Mackenzie Hargreaves (Georgie Stone) and Hendrix Greyson (Benny Turland) look set to become the next big Neighbours romance. But there are some complications - such as Mackenzie's friendship with Hendrix's ex, Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan).


Georgie Stone has been chatting to about the latest surprise development and has revealed that she was not on board with the story when she first learned it was on the way and how invested she was in her characters former relationship with Richie Amblin (Lachie Miller).

But with Richie now firmly in the past, does she think that Mackenzie and Hendrix have what it takes to go the distance?

So, initially, Mackenzie was adamant that she only wanted friendship with Hendrix. Do you think she was being honest with herself then?

"I think she was starting to like him that way but I don't think she was cognisant of it. I think she was very keen to just chalk it down to friendship and finding new closeness with someone after her recent love issues, so I don't think she thought that it was romantic. I think she was telling the truth."

Mackenzie has been romantically linked to three characters now, who do you think she is best suited to out of Richie, Jay and Hendrix, and how would you rank them worst to best?

"OK, I think, probably she is the least suited to Jay. Even with the vibe that Dhruv Malge, who played Jay and I had, I definitely thought it was more sibling-like, I didn't really feel the romantic tension there from how it was written, but Dhruv was wonderful to work with. And also he's four years younger than me, so it was a little different, but I definitely think that was more of a sibling thing

"I really loved Mackenzie and Richie's relationship. I thought it was really beautiful and it was, at the time, exactly what she needed. She wanted stability and she wanted a connection and that was great for her. But right now, she's definitely in a more playful space. She's happy, she feels grounded, she's more sure of herself, and I think Hendrix just brings that out in her and so and I've been really loving their relationships so I'll probably put that one at the top.

"But I don't know. I was working with Lachie who played Richie for a year and I actually cried when I found out we were breaking up because we had put we put so much time into our relationship and I felt like I was really experiencing a breakup. I took it very hard. And when I first was told about the Mackenzie Hendrix relationship, I hated it, but I actually really like it now so yeah, I'll probably put it on top."

mackenzie richie neighbours
Mackenzie are Richie were a beloved couple by the actress and the fans

Do we get to see how Richie responds to Mackenzie's new relationship on screen?

"We're in a Richie-free zone now but I would love for him to come back just because I love Lachie so much and I love working with him. But, as far as I know, no we don't. I mean who knows what the writers are planning, they like to throw in bombshells so maybe at some point."

How worried is Mackenzie about her friendship with Hendrix's ex, Harlow?

"There's a distance between them right now so Mackenzie's very scared that this will ruin her relationship with Harlow and there are many scenarios where she's going to put that friendship before Hendrix because she's terrified of losing her friend. She's always trying to do what's best for other people and she often puts other people's needs before her own which is explored a little bit in this very weird dynamic."

Fans loved Mackenzie when she joined, but there was a bit of turn earlier in the year when she was not quite as beloved. Were you aware of that at the time?

"Yeah, I was. I had spoken to the writers about giving Mackenzie a bit more power and making her a bit more assertive. And so then we saw her after her surgery and into the Eco-warrior stage doing just that. But then there would be some directors who would come up to me and say, 'Mackenzie's coming off as a little bit self-righteous so we can we try and tone that down?', and I hadn't noticed that until I watched it on screen and I was like, 'Ah, OK'.

"There was a while where she was really depressed and I was leaving work feeling really sad. I wanted some comedy I wanted some lightness and then it started to happen and we did the lip sync battle which was really fun. After Mackenzie and Richie broke up, she was adrift for a little while and I was trying to find places where I can put in a bit of comedy - that was the challenge I set for myself to try and find those light moments, And the producers and writers liked that so then they started putting it in the script and then Mackenzie and Hendrick started getting together and suddenly we were in this full rom-com storyline which is on screen now and the fans seem to be really liking that.

"I think happy Mackenzie is here to stay and I think we've found the right balance for her because Harlow and Mackenzie were very similar and they were both very righteous and we've been trying to find ways to differentiate them and I think we've found that. They are both good girls but Mackenzie is sort of at the lighter and more dorky end while Harlow is much more straight-laced."

neighbours mackenzie hargreaves
Mackenzie went for it in the lip-synch battle

You've been working with Neighbours legends lately having shared scenes with Ryan Moloney, Alan Fletcher, Jackie Woodburne and Lucinda Cowden. What is it like to act opposite them?

"It's really good. I love them all so much and I've basically been taking notes every time I'm on set with them. I've learned so much from all the older cast members who have been here for years and it's been such a great opportunity to learn from the masters so that's been really good and I think I've come a long way in terms of the different styles of acting and the different things that are required of you.

"I set a goal with myself that I would try and make Ryan break in a scene. I've been trying because he's always making me laugh and I'm notorious for laughing when I shouldn't be laughing - I've ruined so many takes because I just can't hold a laugh in. So I've been trying to do that with Ryan and just recently in the last month, I can't tell you the context because it's hasn't aired yet, but I've made Ryan laugh and got my victory."

Is there anything you can hint about that is coming for Mackenzie later in the year?

"Last night, I was in the weirdest costume I've ever been in and it was the weirdest thing looking around at the set and at the costume I was wearing. And I said to myself, I cannot believe this is my job. That's all I'll say!"


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