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Neighbours confirms double trouble for Toadie as Dee and Andrea return

Dee is coming back, but so is Andrea. Brace yourself, Toadie...

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Published: Thursday, 26th March 2020 at 5:58 pm

Other than being left for dead and put out to sea as part of the Neighbours End Game specials, things have been relatively calm for Toadfish Rebecchi for a few months, which only seems fair after how trauma filled his 2019 was.


It seems that he will be right back in the thick of things before too long though as Neighbours boss, Jason Herbison, confirms that both Dee Bliss and Andrea Somers (both played by Madeleine West) will be returning to the show in the coming months. We'll try and give you a recap of these characters for those who need it- but it's complicated.

Dee "died" in 2003 when she infamously went off a cliff in a car driven by Toadie on their wedding day. 14 years later she reappeared along with the daughter Toadie never knew he had, Willow. It was soon revealed that not only was Willow not Toadie's child but that it wasn't even Dee at all; instead, it was a woman called Andrea who just looked like Dee.

Toadie and "Dee" later slept together and did conceive a child, Hugo, and Andrea proceeded to steal all the Rebecchi's money. Andrea's crazed mother Heather then appeared on the scene and caused all kinds of trouble. A few months after Toadie's wife, Sonya, passed away (we're still not over that) Andrea returned, alongside the real Dee and long story short, both Andrea and Heather ended up in jail while Toadie and Dee decided to go their separate ways.

Oh, and Dee and Andrea are actually sisters with Heather being their mum, despite not remembering a second birth. Still with us? We've missed a lot out there, but that's the gist. With things already so complex between everyone, what can we possibly be in for as the next chapter of the saga begins?

Neighbours Dee and Andrea

Well according to Herbison, whatever happens, it does sound like Toadie is going to be in the thick of it with him stating that the upcoming storyline will be "massive" for him. The story of these characters has been running on and off since 2017 and Herbison has explained that this latest chapter was never planned from the beginning.

"We are now well beyond what we originally planned and it’s the gift that keeps on giving." He also explained his love for the character of Andrea which indicates that we may well keep seeing her from time to time- which suits us fine!

As for what could bring Dee back to Erinsborough, the familial connection between them all was something she was interested in when we last saw her.

Could she be attempting to learn more about the family she never knew she had? And more importantly, does this mean we'll get the joy of seeing Heather again? We certainly hope so.


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