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Neighbours 35th anniversary spoilers: Day-by-day guide to all the drama

Everything you need to know about the Aussie soap's massive week beginning on 16th March

neighbours anniversary
Published: Monday, 9th March 2020 at 6:00 am

Neighbours marks 35 years on screen with an explosive anniversary week featuring three tragic deaths, five heartwarming weddings and heaps of drama. In fact there's so much going on we're being treated to double the amount of episodes with extra nightly instalments airing at 10pm across the week.


Kicking off on Monday 16th March (the date of the actual birthday is Wednesday 18th March, fact fans), Australia's longest-running soap airs in its regular double daytime slots on Channel 5 at at 1.45pm and 5.30pm, followed for five consecutive nights by an additional episode at 10pm.

The main show focuses on the long-awaited Lassiters wedding expo which hosts nuptials for five classic Ramsay Street couples, and the post-watershed action (subtitled 'Endgame') focuses on the island resort where Elly Conway's 35th birthday mini-break is hijacked by vengeful Finn Kelly. Who dies is a closely-guarded secret and there are plenty of surprises promised, but here's a day-by-day breakdown of what we know so far:

Monday 16th March

neighbours lucy robinson mark gottlieb

1.45pm & 5.30pm: Lucy jilted?

The wedding expo begins with Lassiters head honcho Lucy Robinson tying the knot with old flame Mark Gottlieb, but the groom has a wobble as nerves take hold. Twenty five years ago Mark jilted Annalise Hartman at the altar when he had a crisis of faith, will history repeat itself? Elsewhere, Paige Smith proposes to ex-boyfriend Mark Brennan, and Finn Kelly plots revenge after being banned from the event.

10pm: Elly's birthday takes a twist

Elly Conway's glamping celebrations begin as she arrives at the island getaway with sister Bea Nilsson, Pierce Greyson, Chloe Brennan, Roxy Willis, Toadie Rebecchi and Kyle Canning - but it's Finn Kelly they need to keep their eyes on as he plans his revenge and leads Bea into danger… Pitching up separately to the group are teens Harlow Robinson and Hendrix Greyson, will they end up together?

Tuesday 17th March

neighbours harlow robinson hendrix greyson

1.45pm & 5.30pm: Gary's wedding woes

Gary Canning's wedding to flighty Prue Wallace is in jeopardy thanks to the bride's big secret and the couple's families disapproval. Meanwhile, Sky Bishop returns to Erinsborough and confides in Jane Harris, and Paul Robinson's marriage hits the rocks.

10pm: Pray for Bea

Finn covers Bea's mysterious disappearance by lying they've had a row and she's returned to Sydney, hiding the awful truth. After being confronted by old enemy Harry Sinclair, Finn has to rethink his plans. Meanwhile, sexual tension sizzles between Harlow and Hendrix, as well as Roxy and Kyle.

Wednesday 18th March

neighbours mark brennan paige smith

1.45pm & 5.30pm: Mark and Paige's happy ending

Next to walk down the aisle are Mark and Paige after their whirlwind engagement. Paige is the picture of happiness as she arrives to say her vows, while Mark fears his romantic curse will strike again… Also, Sky reveals she is engaged to teenage crush Lana Crawford, and Des Clarke is back on Ramsay Street - will him and Jane rekindle their love?

10pm: Harlow's horror

Elly worries Bea rumbled her and Finn's feelings for each other, while Harlow finds Ms Nilsson lost in the bush. The girls end up in a terrifying situation as a storm brews on the horizon… Kyle and Roxy give into their lust, then Gary arrives on the island having called his wedding to Prue, who is in hot pursuit and is bringing some big surprises!

Thursday 19th March

neighbours sky mangel lana crawford

1.45pm & 5.30pm: Sky and Lana reunited

Dylan interrupts Sky's wedding hoping he can persuade her to fix things. Will Sky choose him or Lana? Jane is stunned at Paul's string-pulling to get her and Des back together and is nervous after her cat fishing experience. Can Dipi convince her to take the plunge?

10pm: Gary gets suspicious

Gary reckons Finn is up to something and investigates the storm-lashed island, but could he end up in danger too? Night falls and Chloe tries to appeal to Finn's better nature, as Hendrix worries about where Harlow has got to. With no phone reception after the wild weather, the situation turns increasingly sinister…

neighbours harlow robinson bea nilsson

Friday 20th March

neighbours toadie rebecchi

1.45pm & 5.30pm: Jane finds Mr Right

It's all smiles as Des and Jane get hitched, although it gives Paul a dilemma as his two old mates both ask him separately to be their best man - so who will he be standing beside at the altar? Also, Terese discovers Harlow is in grave danger and wonders how to tell Paul…

10pm: Finn's final act

Bea and Harlow are trapped in the mine with a poisonous snake, and as Gary finds them he's rumbled by Finn! Battered and bruised Toadie is rescued by a Paul who has come looking for his granddaughter, but their escape attempt is curtailed. Events reach a fatal conclusion as Finn puts his masterplan into action - but who will survive?


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