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13 most shocking moments from the Neighbours 35th anniversary

There was so much action you may have missed some of these

neighbours end game
Published: Tuesday, 24th March 2020 at 2:12 pm

Neighbours celebrated its 35th anniversary in style with 10 episodes in the big week, and an extra two the following which well and truly finished off the action.


Spoilers from here on out: we know Finn Kelly, Gary Canning and Prue Wallace were the ones set to meet their maker and each of them went out in grisly fashion.

But there was plenty of other shocking moments you may have missed throughout the spectacular week and we've compiled the best moments you might have glanced over. We've included moments from Monday 23rd March and Tuesday 24th March as well, seen as the final victim of the 35th anniversary was finally confirmed.

1. Finn gets down and dirty with Bea and Elly

It was a disturbing moment for all to witness as Finn started to make love to Bea, but ended up hallucinating, thinking he was with Elly instead. Poor Bea thought she was falling in love with her man all over again, however, his mind was sadly elsewhere. Neat camera work and a sinister plot made this all seem very extreme.

2. Toadie gets lamped

Neighbours Toadie

Poor Toadie found himself at the mercy of Finn when all he really wanted to do was go fishing. Taking a large rock, Finn lamped Toadie right on the head and caused a pretty nasty injury. What's more, he was bundled into an escape boat with a hole in, to try and drown him. But nothing can fell our Toadie and thankfully he was rescued by Paul when he washed up on the shore.

3. Roxy and Kyle get together

We personally didn't see this coming, but there's been chemistry in the air between these two for a while. Thankfully, there was some good news for at least one Canning this week as he found love with fiery Roxy. A match made in heaven - and with Kyle's dad now dead, he will certainly need all the support he can get.

4. Harry shows up

Dastardly Harry had been causing mayhem on Ramsay Street for a while, but when he showed up on Pierce's island, we were shocked. Like a bad smell, Harry lingered in the background and helped out his object of desire: Finn. And when he pulled a gun on Toadie and Paul, we were gobsmacked. A true villain!

5. Finn crawls into bed with Elly

It was hard to know when Finn was hallucinating on the island, and we definitely didn't believe our eyes when Finn crawled into bed with Elly. Creepy, scary and menacing, Finn knew no boundaries and we couldn't wait for him to meet his maker after this latest episode.

6. Gary took an arrow!

Neighbours Gary dies

Not only did Gary die, but he died in perhaps one of the most shocking Neighbours deaths to have ever seen the light of day. Finn, who was wielding Toadie's bow and arrow, practiced his hunting skills and shot a bow right into Gary's heart from behind. The brutal death left us gobsmacked and begging for Finn to get his comeuppance.

7. Prue's death

Denise Van Outen bowed out from Neighbours in perhaps the most fabulously dramatic way known to man. Reaching inside her wedding present for champagne, the bomb inside the box exploded, leaving Prue's sports car a wreck. She was one of the most bizarre and loveable characters to ever set foot in Erinsborough and we will miss her drama.

8. Snakes... in a mineshaft!

Harlow and Bea thought their time trapped in a mineshaft couldn't get any worse, but how wrong they were. Evil Finn dropped a snake into the pit and poor Harlow was bitten. Horrible.

9. Gary's dead body

We've had a couple of days distance from it all, but we're not over the sight of Gary's grey body lying in the woods. While Elly was trying to escape Finn's grasp, she fell - quite literally - on to him in a scene straight out of a horror movie.

10. Finn steals Aster


Not the baby, please Finn! Poor Elly was left without her child at the conclusion of the End Game. And honestly, we couldn't imagine anyone worse for Aster to be with, even if just for a couple of hours.

11. Finn torches the island

Like a true evil genius, Finn made his way off the island after torching it. Cue maniacal laughter and dramatic music playing in the background.

12. Finn gets Susan into bed

In the Susan and Finn two-hander, she managed to put him to bed. Initially, the whole thing seemed quite sinister - and it was. Finn revealed he wanted Susan to act like his mother and hold him while they slept. Properly creepy stuff.


13. Finn finally meets his maker

It's the moment we all wanted, and yet didn't at the same time. Love-to-hate-him villain Finn toppled into the grave he was digging for Susan and drowned as the water pipe he was using to help soften the mud to make it easier to dig up. They do say "it be your own" and as we've seen clearly, Finn's own flaw was his clumsiness.

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