Bianca’s last minute phone call fails to spoil Tiffany and Keegan’s wedding day

And Whitney donates her wedding ring for the ceremony

Tiff Keegan wedding

Bianca Butcher (Patsy Palmer) would have plenty to say about her 16 year-old daughter Tiffany getting married in Scotland without her – if she’d had the chance. But at the crucial moment in Friday’s EastEnders episode, when the registrar asked if anyone present knew of any legal reason why the young couple should not be wed, Sonia Fowler received a mobile phone call from the irate mum but dismissed it.


That was just one of many last minute obstacles placed in Tiffany (Maisie Smith) and Keegan’s way. First Keanu’s satellite navigation directed them to the wrong location, a farmyard. Keegan then realised he had no wedding ring. And at the register office they were informed that all the delays meant they had missed their allocated 3pm slot.

There was also strong opposition from Keegan’s parents, Karen Taylor and Mitch Baker. Karen warned her son that he was about to make the biggest mistake of his life but an impassioned speech by the lad persuaded his doubting mother that he was ready for the responsibility.

Tiff Keegan wedding

As tempers frayed Keegan (Zack Morris) laid it on the line, “My job is to look after Tiff,” he said. “To love her, protect her and make her happy. But all you lot are doing is upsetting her. I’m sick of it. I’ve had enough.”

Jack Branning, who had used his detective badge to strong arm the registrar into changing his mind, applauded. Whitney donated her wedding ring from her non-marriage to Callum to Tiff. Keegan couldn’t hold back the tears as he said his vows and married Mrs Tiffany Baker Butcher.

Bianca & Tiff EastEnders

Before Sonia had time to contemplate the difficult conversation she would be having with Bianca once she got wind, Karen grabbed her in a bear hug and hollered, “Welcome to the family!” For once an EastEnders wedding with the happy ending it deserved.


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