Leo drags Whitney to Tony’s grave – first look at EastEnders’ confrontation

Tony's twisted son ups the ante

eastenders whitney dean leo king

Creepy Leo King (Tom Wells) steps up his obsessive efforts to get revenge on Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) when he takes her to the grave of his father Tony King, leading to an emotional confrontation that unpicks the pair’s tragic pasts that are intertwined with the deceased abuser.


Recently, Leo was attacked and pushed off a balcony by Kush Kazemi in an effort to protect vulnerable EastEnders favourite Whit from the twisted son of the man who groomed and abused her as a child.

eastenders leo king whitney dean

Convinced his dad was innocent, Leo is on a twisted mission to clear Tony’s name. But with Kush now in trouble with the law for his assault, guilty Whitney feels wretched and blames herself for the stallholder’s dilemma and decides to take charge of the situation.

In scenes airing on Tuesday 4th February, Whitney tells little sister Tiffany she wants to make things right – despite her sibling’s warnings not to put herself in danger, she tries to appeal to Leo to drop the charges against Kush and let the whole thing lie.

However, she ends up terrified when Tony’s toxic offspring forcibly drags her to his father’s graveside and demands she apologise to the memory of his evil parent.

eastenders leo king whitney dean

Whitney is already on the back foot after her tormentor managed to steal his victim’s log book detailing the harassment he has subjected her to over the last few months, robbing her of vital evidence that could allow the police to prosecute him.

As she fears how far things will go at the cemetery, can anyone save Whitney from livid Leo’s wrath?


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