EastEnders' Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) finally got Leo King (Tom Wells) out of her life, but his ghost is surely haunting her.


Consumed by guilt for killing him in an act of self defence, Whit turned herself in to the police after the events of the 35th anniversary, which saw little Denny die.

She's now trying to get out, after realising life in prison really isn't that great, and she's enlisted Gray Atkins (Toby-Alexander Smith) to help her plight.

However, in this evening's episode (25th February), Whitney realised her shocked state and confession may have caused her more problems than she realised.

The police were no doubt on to something, as they wondered why on earth she would kill someone, get changed, and then head to a party.

Trying to keep Mick Carter's (Danny Dyer) involvement a secret, Whitney lied and said she didn't know why she'd acted the way she had, and she didn't call anyone.

Later on, Gray wasn't best pleased to find out she had been deceptive, especially from loudmouth Kat in the pub.

Pinning Mick into a corner, Gray insisted he might be able to get Whitney off the hook, but only if they all do something illegal.

Heading to see Whitney back in prison for more questioning, Gray gave the detective an amended statement, which explained Whit did take a cab with Mick, Kush and Kat.

The detective immediately became alert to the fact Kush had been questioned by police before for attacking Leo, and delivered the bombshell news she was dreading: they had enough to charge her for murder.

Will Gray be able to get Whitney out of trouble? Or is this the end of her time on Albert Square for good?


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