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EastEnders trailer teases Ben Mitchell point of view episode

A glimpse of the danger ahead for the Mitchell man

eastenders ben mitchell
Published: Friday, 29th May 2020 at 9:53 am

The latest trailer for EastEnders gives fans a first look at a special episode told entirely from the point of view of Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden), who's struggles with hearing loss while on a dodgy job with dad Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) has serious repercussions.


In a break from the usual format, Monday 1st June shows the drama from Ben's perspective with special effects, such as limited and muffled sounds, to put viewers in the moody mechanic's shoes.

Since suffering a head injury in February's boat disaster, Ben, already partially deaf in one ear from having meningitis as a baby, has had to cope with additional loss of hearing. This has heightened his desperation for his dad's approval, and he's signed up to a risky raid with fellow crim Danny Hardcastle to prove his sensory depravation doesn't mean he's the weak link in the fearsome family.

The short clip begins with Ben striding through the Square unable to hear a passing Jean Slater's greeting, before a series of scenes quickly cut together play out showing Ben arguing with Phil, skulking around the warehouse where they plan to rob a ton of cash, spying Lola Pearce and Peter Beale in a forbidden clinch, and generally looking very worried…

It ends with Mr Mitchell almost getting run over by a van as he absentmindedly steps into the road, before a caption saying 'You can't always see what's coming' fills the screen.

Speaking exclusively to about next week's special edition, Bowden says it was an honour to be at its centre. "The thing that made it so exciting was that it was innovative, new, and something that had never really been done before - focusing on a very underrepresented part of our community.

"To be given that opportunity to tell a story about Ben's character, from his point of view and show how his everyday life has changed, was a delight."

Don't miss Ben's big moment on Monday 1st June at 8.10pm on BBC1.


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