EastEnders to air another classic Peggy episode next week

We hope you all enjoy the fireworks...

EastEnders Peggy

There’s a treat coming for EastEnders fans next Tuesday (August 18th) as the show is re-airing another all-time great Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor) episode.


Originally airing back on November 2nd 2000, this is another chapter in the brilliant feud that Peggy had with Pat Evans (Pam St Clement), following on from the instalment from October 1998 that aired a few weeks ago.

This, the latest in a series of classic episodes airing as a replacement while the main show is on a break, is another row between the characters with a bonfire night celebration being far more dramatic than any of The Queen Vic punters were expecting.

Following Peggy learning that Pat was planning on ditching Roy (Tony Caunter) and running off with her husband Frank Butcher (Mike Reid), she decided that the best way to confront the pair is in public – and with a memorable double slap to boot.

Standing behind the bar, she launched into a spectacular tirade against the pair that still holds up as one of EastEnders’ finest moments. This is one we definitely cannot wait to watch again…

Peggy slaps Pat and Frank in EastEnders
Peggy slaps Pat and Frank in EastEnders

While we have been loving these trips down memory lane to some of the show’s finest moments, happily we don’t have too much longer to wait before new episodes air.

New episodes of EastEnders are set to hit BBC One next month and while we will be back to its normal, pre-lockdown schedule, those episodes will clock in at a slightly shorter 20 minutes for the immediate future.

This Peggy-centric episode airs as a companion piece to next Monday’s Secrets from the Square. The behind the scenes Stacey Dooley-fronted series will be putting the spotlight on former landladies of the past – a topic that will certainly include Peggy, and Pat for that matter.

We recently compiled our ranking of the best EastEnders landladies and, well, was there ever any doubt as to who would be number one?


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