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7 Coronation Street spoilers for next week: Ray tightens his grip on Abi and Bethany faces a tough decision

Plus, Alya gets suspicious of Geoff

Coronation Street
Published: Saturday, 22nd February 2020 at 7:00 am

It's set to be another tumultuous week on the cobbles as Abi has a run-in with dodgy Ray which is set to have diabolical repercussions for poor Kevin.


And if that wasn't enough, Bethany faces a difficult decision as to whether she should leave Weatherfield - and Daniel - or not.

Here's our rundown of the Coronation Street spoilers for the 24th to the 28th of February 2020.

Ray's indecent proposal

Coronation Street Kevin

Ray's a nasty piece of work, isn't he? First, he proved himself to be a torment with Bethany in the Bistro before turning out to be an all-round bad manager - who didn't cheer when young journalist Bethany stuck it to the man and called out his sexism? But he's turned his attention to Abi now, after the feisty mechanic torched his car. Although she's getting on well with our Kevin at the moment, the soap gods seem to be telling me they're doomed to fail.

In a bid to get one-up on "Kabi", Ray tells his ex he has dashcam footage of her pinching his car before setting it alight and as a result, he tells Abi she must sleep with him to stop him from releasing the evidence to the police. Our favourite woman is torn up over the whole thing as she really does want to give things a good go with Kevin, but he'll never forgive her for succumbing to the blackmail. Will she go through with it?

But things go from bad to worse for the pair when Ray offers Kevin £90k for his beloved garage (which Tyrone also owns 30 per cent of), and the hapless resident must decide what to do. Will he give up on his business? Will he get with Abi? Can we just have some happiness on the cobbles for once?

Bethany plans her exit... or does she?

Coronation Street Bethany

Coronation Street hasn't been the happiest of places for Bethany in recent weeks. Her will-they-won't-they relationship has been exhausting for all but it seems they're finally in a good place after Daniel's show of affection in the Rovers. But there's soon to be more heartache for the youngster as she gets a job at Underworld, only for Beth to call her out for stealing Sinead's life.

Before Bethany even has chance to mourn, she gets a letter back from writing school... but it's bad news. However, they do offer her an invaluable internship on a magazine in London - wahey! But for Bethany, she starts to weigh up whether or not she can leave Daniel, considering they've only just got together. Will she put herself before Daniel? We say: go to London, Bethany, there's a whole world of overpriced drinks waiting for you. You're going to love it.

Tracy and Peter fight for No. 1

Coronation Street Ken Barlow

Following Ken's announcement that he would be leaving the cobbles, there's a fierce battle for his house - the vultures! Tracy is desperate to take on the iconic house and begs Steve to buy it. But will they offer enough? Meanwhile, Peter is keen to get his hands on the property too, and Ken has to decide which of his kids he wants to give it to. Will he even offer it to any of them?

Gemma fights for the truth

Coronation Street Gemma

Following on from the revelation little Aled is deaf, she is desperate to get answers. Thankfully, the audiologist has a recommendation: a cochlear implant. While she mulls over it, she takes a vigil at his cot, insisting her face is the first he sees when he wakes. Chesney comes up with a clever invention, and makes a mobile to hang over Aled's cot which is full of Gemma's face. There's good news for her when she makes friends at a baby yoga class. We're rooting for you, Gemma!

Alya smells a rat in Geoff

Coronation Street Geoff and Yasmeen

Alya finally gets the chance to go back to Speed Daal after her disastrous experience at the Bistro. While Yasmeen's delighted, Geoff isn't and sets about making her life hell at the restaurant, shouting at her for talking and blaming her for a nasty review about Speed Daal. But Alya's on to Geoff, when she finds out Yasmeen put her back out trying to clean every inch of the house for him. Things get even more suspicious when Alya finds Yasmeen crying in the garden - but what could have possibly upset her so much?

Elsewhere on Coronation Street...

Coronation Street James

Danny lets James down when he tells him their relationship is over, but why? Is Ed behind the latest move?

It's Sarah's hen-do, but there's fireworks as Beth interrupts the celebrations to berate Bethany for her decision to "steal" Daniel and take him to London.


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