Coronation Street spoilers: Callum fights David on Christmas Day – watch the scene

The Platt family implodes over the festive season thanks to the actions of drug dealer Callum

Kylie’s past is to shatter Christmas present when ex-boyfriend Callum lets himself into the Platt house, introduces himself as both her drug dealer and Max’s dad and proceeds to have a full-on fight with David.


Events will reach a terrible crescendo for Kylie on Christmas Day when David arrives home to find Callum in his living room and brandishing a bag of drugs in Kylie’s face.

“The situation couldn’t look any worse,” admits Paula Lane, who plays Kylie. “Callum has the drugs right there, as though Kylie’s been asking for them and he’s just handed them to her. It’s really bad timing and Kylie is absolutely devastated. David demands to know what’s going on and Callum absolutely relishes the situation.”


You can watch the scene below. And beneath that, there’s a 60-second rundown of Christmas and New Year on Coronation Street