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Could Scott be Carla's dad in Coronation Street?

The mysterious newcomer has links to the Connors.

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Published: Wednesday, 15th July 2020 at 7:55 pm

The plot thickens as to how Rovers Return lodger Scott Emberton (Tom Roberts) is linked to Coronation Street's Connor family, with a curveball theory emerging he could turn out to be the long-lost father of Carla Connor (Alison King).


Mysterious Scott has been renting a room at the Weatherfield pub since April, and it's already been established him and landlord Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley) have history.

However, while the fellas maintain an 'old friends' front in public there's definitely something sinister about their shared past, and Johnny is so scared of Scott being back in his life he's scarpered to France for an extended holiday. has already speculated about the boys' murky backstory, and you can read our list of theories on what connects Scott and Johnny, but Scott's focus seems to be shifting away from Johnny and towards his daughter Carla.

On Wednesday 15th July, Scott riled Carla's partner Peter Barlow by telling him how he should be treating his other half, sneaking in a veiled dig about not protecting her from blackmailers Jordan and Chelsy.

With a sinister look in his eye, Scott implied he was the one who attacked the troublemakers, who tried to extort cash from Carla in return for keeping her secret she sold her body for a place in a squat during her breakdown in 2019.

Viewers know it was Scott who secretly avenged Carla, and now the pieces are falling into place that it's her who might be the key to his dark secret, rather than Johnny. Scott has already confirmed to Carla he is from the same rough estate as the clan, and appeared to make a point of saying he knew her late mother, Sharon Donovan.

Carla only learnt Johnny was her biological father a few years back, when it emerged his affair with Sharon had caused the death of his late wife Louisa, who was so shocked at discovering his infidelity she ran out into the path of a speeding car and was killed.

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Have Corrie now decided to rewrite history with an extra twist on Carla's paternity to shake things up? By all accounts, Sharon led quite a colourful life so maybe there was a 'who's the daddy' situation, with both Scott and Johnny in the frame to be the father if she was involved with the pair of them at the same time.

It would explain Scott's odd protective streak over the former factory boss, but we admit it's a long shot - although it doesn't alter the fact he's getting worryingly preoccupied with her welfare. So if we're wrong, what does connect him and Carla?

Now Peter's suspicions have been raised, surely it's only a matter of time before he cracks the big mystery.


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