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Coronation Street: Dolly-Rose Campbell on Gemma's Cinderella romance with Henry - "Opposites can attract"

"Gemma's already fallen for him," adds the Corrie star

Published: Monday, 27th November 2017 at 6:59 am

Coronation Street's Cinderella-style romance continues tomorrow when Gemma's admirer Henry tracks her down to the Rovers - with a little help from Norris. Gemma is bowled over to see the man of her dreams again - but is even more stunned when Liz tells her that Henry's surname is Newton and that he's the heir to the Newton & Ridley empire! Here, actress Dolly-Rose Campbell reveals why it's high time that her character experienced some of the good things in life.


We’ve seen Gemma having a tough time lately, what with her fretting about Rita's health. Do you think that people on the street would like Gemma to find a love interest?
Norris and Rita would be supportive of Gemma to find the right person and have some happiness. At the moment, Norris has got the fairy godmother role, but you’ll also see quite a lot of Gemma and Cathy, which is really nice.

What is it about Henry that Gemma likes?
He’s handsome, charming and not really like anybody that she’s known before. She’s just overwhelmed by him when she meets him and it’s love at first sight straight away.

What is Gemma’s first reaction when Henry tracks her down to the Rovers?
She's given up on finding him by this point, so she feels down and alone about that. Then he comes in and she's overjoyed.

What are Gemma’s first thoughts when she finds out who he is?
She's impressed that he comes from such a well-to-do family. He doesn't intimidate her - she’s just so excited about him, so that’s all she’s thinking about because she’s already fallen for him.

Do you think that the fact that they are from such different worlds could cause problems for them?
It'll be interesting to see the challenges those class differences may bring. But I think that they're a good match because they have fun together and sometimes opposites can attract…

It’s nice to see Gemma having happier times - has it been fun to go back to that kind of lighthearted comedy again?
Yeah it has because I think that’s where Gemma really excels as a character. I like the balance, but the comedy things are more fun.


What did you first think when you read the storyline about Gemma having a love interest?
I was chuffed because I thought it would be really exciting and different for Gemma - it’s a new side to her that people haven’t seen yet.

What do you think the audience’s reaction will be?
I think they will be really happy for Gemma and I think they’ll like Henry too!

So, could Henry take the place of Peter Andre in Gemma’s eyes?
I don’t think anyone will take the place of Peter Andre in Gemma’s heart!

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