Which modern Doctor Who character should return to the series?

Freema Agyeman says she’d like Martha Jones to make a comeback – but who else could do with a second run inside the Tardis?


Unsurprisingly for a show about a time-travelling immortal, Doctor Who has picked up and left behind a LOT of interesting side-characters, with all sorts of beloved companions and recurring stars featured over the years.


And of course, once a Doctor Who actor leaves the series behind, the only thing fans want to know if whether they’re set for a return, with the stars of the “modern” series – specifically appearing since the sci-fi drama returned in 2005 – endlessly quizzed on whether they’d team up with Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor, or could make another return somehow.

Recently, Martha Jones star Freema Agyeman was the latest to hint at her willingness to be approached, telling Digital Spy that she’d at least like to have a try at one of Big Finish’s audio dramas – but which other recent Who stars would you like to see back at the Doctor’s side?

Which companion or recurring star deserves their place back in the Tardis, and who would you most like to see make their triumphant return?

Vote in our poll above, and who knows what might happen? When it comes to the Doctor, sometimes the way forward is back in the past.


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