It's been a week since the final episode of WandaVision was released on Disney Plus – but Marvel fans still have one or two questions about the hit series.


Thankfully, the show's creative team have been on hand to answer those questions, with director Matt Shakman, co-executive producer Mary Livanos and showrunner Jac Schaeffer revealing the truth behind some aspects of the show in a recent interview with TVLine.

Amongst the talking points, Shakman explained the story behind the TV commercials that were seen at regular intervals throughout the show.

These commercials were hosted by a mystery man and woman and contained a bucketload of references to events from the MCU, but their precise meaning had stumped fans of the show.

However Shakman has explained that the commercials weren't actually any different from any other part of Westview that had fallen under Wanda's control.

"Wanda gave roles to almost everyone in Westview," he explained. "Those two actors, or townspeople, that we picked to be in the commercials were meant to be the same as everything else — that they were iterating through time, in the same way that Wanda’s car is a red Buick that iterates through time.


"Wanda has cast these two to be her commercial actors, and they appear in every single episode, and they are part of the broadcast.”

He added that Wanda was unconsciously including things in the commercials that provided clues as to the show's thematics, while they were also intended to be a fun Easter egg hunting exercise for fans.

Of course, one of the other big mysteries from the show concerned the ominous beekeeper, who appeared in episode two only to never be seen again, but was revealed to be a S.W.O.R.D. operative who had attempted to break the hex.

It is never made clear what happens to him at the end of the series, but Livanos reckons he should have made it out in good shape.

"You know, at the end of the show, Wanda takes down her Hex in order to save the people of Westview from the trauma she was projecting," she saaid. "So hopefully he’s OK. We all hope for the best for him."

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