This Doctor Who fan is on a mission to put every single episode into chronological order

Will you help them?


A couple of months ago we were entranced by a fan video that tried to put modern Doctor Who into historical order – but one new Whovian project has taken the idea even further by trying to place every episode from the classic and modern series (and spin-off Torchwood) into a definitive chronological list.


Currently the list (which you can see here) is incomplete, but the results are already impressive, stretching from the early formation of Earth in 6 billion BC (as seen in 2013 episode Hide) to the last days of humanity in 100 trillion CE (as seen in 2007’s Utopia).

The earlier stages of the list

The document also clearly demonstrates that out of all history, the Doctor really seems to favour hanging out in the late 20th and early 21st century, but a close second seems to be the period around World War II. Clearly, he’ll have to be careful not to run into himself one of these days.

In summary it’s an impressive endeavour – and if you’re interested in it, we’re sure they wouldn’t mind the help in adding the remaining unattributed episodes (and clearing up a few missing dates if possible).

So why not have a look and get cracking? We’ve got plenty of time to wait until new episodes come to mess up the order, after all…


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