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Stranger Things star: season 4 will be "a lot scarier than prior years"

Joe Keery, who plays Steve Harrington on the Netflix show, said the upcoming series is "pretty amazing"

Published: Monday, 4th May 2020 at 4:40 pm

Actor Joe Keery has said that season four of Stranger Things is "a lot scarier" than previous series.


Speaking to Total Film magazine last week, the 28-year-old said that the upcoming season of the Netflix sci-fi series is "pretty amazing".

"The Duffer brothers have really done it again," he said.

“I think that this year — and I know I say this every single year — but this is definitely going to be a lot scarier than prior years, because last year was pretty dark,” he continued.

Keery is currently promoting new video game-inspired film Free Guy, in which he stars alongside Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer. The action comedy is also directed by Shawn Levy, producer of Stranger Things.

Stranger Things

Keery also spoke about his iconic Scoops Ahoy outfit, which he spent the majority of series three wearing while Steve worked at the ice cream shop alongside Robin (Maya Hawke).

"I know that costume served its purpose and I’m glad to retire it [laughs]. Do I have it at home for Halloween? I don’t, unfortunately. They won’t let me have that one. One day!” Keery said.

Series three of the series ended with the gang defeating the mind flayer and Joyce closing the gate to the upside down and seemingly killing Hopper in the process. However, the finale teased that Hopper may in fact still be alive, with a jail cell guard in a Russian laboratory referring to someone off-screen as "the American".

A premiere date for Stranger Things's fourth series has not yet been set, as filming for the season was halted in March due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Although production is currently up in the air, Netflix released a video of the series four table read for eager viewers in March.

Stranger Things season 4 has been delayed, but seasons 1-3 is now available on Netflix

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