Pearl Mackie hasn’t ruled out Doctor Who return and still “feels really close to Bill”

The star briefly reprised her role as Bill Potts for a special scene last year.

Pearl Mackie as Bill Potts in the Doctor Who Christmas special

More than three years have passed since Pearl Mackie left the Whoniverse after starring as the Twelfth Doctor’s companion Bill Potts for the duration of series 10.


And while the star might not be quite ready to return to the character just yet, she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of playing her again in a different medium further down the line.

Speaking to to promote the new Audible series Sour Hall, Mackie said that she still feels close to the character – revealing that she could yet go down a route taken by other former companions by appearing in Big Finish audio adventures.

“Yeah it’s definitely not something I’ve ruled out,” she said when asked about the possibility of a return. “It was a couple of years ago I was on Doctor Who but I do still feel really close to Bill and I do feel like she’s still very much part of me.”

She continued, “And I feel like I’d sort of have to miss her before going back to her again, or if there was an amazing story that was written about her and her experiences and meeting another Doctor. But it’s such a great show and I would be crazy to say no.”

Last year, Mackie did briefly reprise her role as Bill for a special scene written by Steven Moffat as part of one of the lockdown Doctor Who watchalongs.

And she said that the experience reminded her of how great it is to be part of the Who family.

“It is like a huge family that keeps growing, it keeps getting passed down,” she said. “I had loads of tweets and Instagram messages following those watchalongs of people saying like, ‘Yeah I’m watching the whole thing again and I’m just remembering how much I love it.’ And I think it’s so nice that people can do that!”

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