John Hurt returns to battle the Daleks in new War Doctor trailer

Doctor Who, the Daleks and a MASSIVE dilemma - what more could Who ask for from the latest audio series from Big Finish?


Exterrrrrrrmmmminnnnating the Daleks has never been an easy task for the Doctor and everyone who’s stepped into his shoes knows that all too well.


That doesn’t mean he won’t put up a solid fight against Davros’s nefarious darlings, and John Hurt returns to Doctor Who to do just that in Big Finish audio adventures The War Doctor: Infernal Devices.

“I’m nobody’s tame wolf, I do this on my own terms,” roars the War Doctor as he heads into battle yet again.

One thing’s for sure: never underestimate the Doctor. “If any single thing could be considered Gallifrey’s deadliest weapon and greatest hope, it’s him.”


Catch The Legion of The Lost, A Thing of Guile and The Neverwhen on Big Finish now.