Doctor Who teaser drops for “Time Lord Victorious” – but what does it mean?

The new trailer hints at a major reveal coming soon.

Doctor Who

A teaser for a new Doctor Who spin-off project has just dropped – but what is “Time Lord Victorious”?


The brief trailer sees an animated logo flash up on screen, accompanied by the words “Coming Soon” – watch below.

So what is “Time Lord Victorious”? Though details are scarce – for now – understands that it is a major new Doctor Who project, with more details on the ambitious undertaking set to emerge very soon indeed.

Fans will know that “Time Lord Victorious” was a title that the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) briefly claimed in the 2009 episode, ‘The Waters of Mars‘.

Deciding that, as the last surviving Time Lord, he had control over the Laws of Time, the Doctor was seen defying a fixed point in history by saving three people who were destined to die.

When one of the three – Adelaide Brooke (Lindsay Duncan) – took her own life in an attempt to put history back on its proper course, the Doctor realised he had gone too far and gave up the “Time Lord Victorious” mantle.

Is this new trailer and the project it’s teasing somehow related to that pivotal moment in the Doctor’s lives? Stay tuned…

Doctor Who is expected to return to BBC One in late 2020 or early 2021, with filming have wrapped on the show’s next festive special – starring Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor – ahead of the coronavirus outbreak.


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