Doctor Who fans will “need a very strong drink” after “rollercoaster” finale, says show boss

Chris Chibnall has teased some information about both parts of the upcoming finale

Doctor Who - Ascension of the Cybermen

It’s safe to say that series 12 of Doctor Who has not exactly been light on the shocks and surprises – and it looks like they’re far from over.


Ahead of the hotly anticipated two-part finale, the first episode of which will air this Sunday, Chris Chibnall has promised a “seismic” conclusion to the series that he claims is sure to leave fans “open-mouthed.”

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Chibnall said, “We’re not just going big on the finale in episode 10.”

He claimed that the penultimate episode, Ascension of the Cybermen, will be “a big, space-spanning, spaceship-lasery, Cybermanny sci-fi story” adding that it was “properly epic.”

As for the final episode, The Timeless Children, Chibnall promises that it “will pay off a lot of the strands that we’ve set running both last year and this year.”

He adds, “I’m going to do classic British understatement here: It’s a relatively seismic episode for the Doctor, and for the show. You will get some answers, but you will also be left with a whole load of new questions in true Doctor Who style.”

He concluded by saying that, “It is an emotional and narrative roller coaster — for the characters, for the audience. I think you’re going to need a very strong drink.

“It’s big, it’s action-packed, it’s very, very epic and very, very emotional, and there is a blistering performance from Jodie Whittaker in that final episode.

“People, I think, are going to feel wrung-out and possibly a little bit open-mouthed.”


Doctor Who continues on BBC One at 7:10pm on Sundays