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Alex Kingston teases K9’s feline friend in new River Song audio adventures

"It's that traditional cat/dog relationship – they butt up against one another."

River Song
Big Finish
Published: Wednesday, 27th January 2021 at 12:00 pm

Alex Kingston is reprising her role as River Song for another run of Doctor Who audio adventures for Big Finish – and this time around she's meeting another iconic companion.


Robot dog K9 is set to play a key role in one of the stories in the upcoming eighth series of The Diary of River Song, and asked what the dynamic was between the pair of them, Kingston revealed some information about a brand new character.

"K9 is in one of the stories, but he meets a feline friend or nemesis, so it's not just that I'm working alone alongside K9," she explained to and other press.

"So I think that was the dynamic that was actually fun to watch because that was a time when we were all in the studio together...and it was interesting observing their dynamic because it's that traditional cat/dog relationship – they butt up against one another."

Beyond those details, Kingston was reluctant to give too much away about the new series, saying that she wanted "the listeners to experience the stories for themselves."

However she did share some behind the scenes information, explaining that recording this series went a lot more smoothly than her last outing as River Song.

"This is the second block series that I've done during lockdown and it was much smoother the second time around," she said.

"Because I was actually allowed to go into the studio by myself as opposed to trying to fashion a studio out of sheepskin and reindeer skin in my dining room – so that was enormously helpful!"


The Diary of River Song series 8 is available at from Wednesday 27th January 2021. Looking for something to watch? Check out our TV Guide


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