Ever thought there's too many TV shows and films to watch and not enough time to watch them?


Tired of endlessly scrolling through Netflix, Amazon, iPlayer and NOW TV looking for a brilliant film or your next box set binge?

Well, we've got some good news - it's time to stop scrolling and get watching with MyRadioTimes from RadioTimes.com.

What is MyRadioTimes?

MyRadioTimes blends our award-winning editorial recommendations with smart technology to offer our users a truly personalised TV and film experience in the on demand world.

Whether you're looking for a film to watch right now, your next box set binge, or want to read more about the genres, subjects and stars that you love - our tailored service gets you to the good stuff fast.

How does it work?

It's incredibly simple to get started with MyRadioTimes.

Once you've registered, all you need to do is tell what on demand services you use, and then rate some shows so we can fire up our recommendation engine. After that, you're good to go... your personalised TV, film and article recommendations await you.

Remember, the more you use the service and the more you rate the shows and films, the better the recommendations get!

What can I expect from MyRadioTimes?

  • Personalised TV recommendations just for you
  • Personalised film recommendations just for you
  • Tailored articles on subjects and themes we think you'll like
  • 5 recommendations from our editor-in-chief everyday
  • The ability to filter recommendations by your mood and how much time you have
  • A customisable watchlist containing your favourite shows and films
  • Watch your chosen content immediately with one-click through to the on demand platform

This sounds great, how do I try MyRadioTimes?

You can register to try MyRadioTimes for free here.