Who is your favourite Blue Peter presenter of all time?

Which of these BBC teatime TV stars do you like best?


To be a great Blue Peter presenter you have to be agile enough to avoid the footfall of an out-of-control elephant, dexterous enough to knock up a Tracy Island in ten minutes and crazy enough to scale Nelson’s Column in a botswain’s chair.


Over the years, we’ve had dozens of them, most of whom have been willing to fly with the Red Arrows, sing a chorus with a school choir or – at the very least – get to grips with an advent crown.

But who is the show’s very best presenter?

Will you go with John “ooh, get off me foot” Noakes? Or Sarah Greene, famed for modelling Victorian underwear in a very memorable edition from the ‘80s? Maybe Simon Groom and his knack for teatime double entendres (“what a beautiful pair of knockers” being the fan favourite)? Or perhaps Richard Bacon, whose out-of-the-office antics resulted in his contract being terminated and children’s controller Lorraine Heggessey referring on air to “a sad event”.