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UK Eurovision star SuRie on the bruises left by her stage invader and her determination to finish the song

The star opened up about her traumatic Eurovision performance on ITV's This Morning

Published: Monday, 14th May 2018 at 2:00 pm

The UK's Eurovision entry SuRie has opened up about her experience with the stage invader who interrupted her performance at the Eurovision 2018 final on Saturday evening.


Speaking to This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on Monday morning, SuRie said she had left the stage bruised, but that she had become more determined than ever to finish the song after the invader had been apprehended by security.

“There are a couple of bruises from where I was holding the mic but I’m ok," she said. "My shoulder where he came in as well.”

"There wasn’t any time to feel fear," she said. "He was suddenly there, security were on him as quick as he was on me. He got the mic, for a few seconds that was out of my hands but the song was still going, the backing vocalists were still singing, the crowd were still chanting."

As she regained her bearings, she said, she knew exactly what she had to do: "I turned back, saw the mic on the floor and I thought, ‘well that’s mine, I’ll finish the song’.”

And while the recovery didn't manage to garner her any extra votes, you have to admire her determination.

“You can see that in my eyes, for the last part of the song, you can see that determination to finish the song. The lyrics took on a new meaning, ‘Hold your head up, don’t give up!’ The crowd, the surge from them, that’s my lasting memory of this.”


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