The British Tribe Next Door sparks Ofcom complaints over racial discrimination

The controversial series featuring Scarlett Moffatt has been branded "racist" by some viewers

Scarlett Moffatt and family with Mboki, Muvii, Ueripanga, Kaitaarua and Kandisiko.

British broadcasting regulator Ofcom has received 65 complaints from viewers over Channel 4’s factual series The British Tribe Next Door.


The series saw Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt and her family relocating to a Namibian tribal village, to live for a month in a replica of their terraced house next to the Himba people.

The “experiment,” which aims to see what the two wildly different cultures can learn from each other, has received widespread criticism from audiences and critics.

It has been revealed that Ofcom received a total of 65 complaints about the show, split across the three episodes aired so far.

The first episode (22nd October) proved the most controversial with 58 complaints, while the second and third received four and three complaints respectively. All of these complaints relate to racial discrimination and offence.

An Ofcom spokesperson said: “We are assessing these complaints against our broadcasting rules before deciding whether or not to investigate.”

Prior to its initial premiere, Moffatt defended The British Tribe Next Door on Twitter: “Can’t wait for people to watch #BritishTribeNextDoor so you can stop the negativity and realise that this was the most amazing experience for all involved.”

She added: “We also left our friends a watering borehole to say thank you for the amazing friendships and experience we made and had.”


The British Tribe Next Door is on Channel 4, 9pm on Tuesday 12th November