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Emma Willis opens up about the competitiveness between the Voice UK coaches ahead of the finals: "Olly always wants to win!"

The presenter reveals all on The Voice UK final!

The voice UK host Emma Willis
Published: Thursday, 12th November 2020 at 12:01 am

This weekend, one of The Voice UK 2020 finalists will be crowned this year's winner as the series comes to an end, and it sounds likes things are getting pretty competitive between the coaches.


We caught up with the show's host Emma Willis ahead of the The Voice UK 2020 final on November 14th, and she told us all the coaches, except one, are very eager to have the winning act this year.

Speaking to press including, she said: "Tom [Jones] is I suppose the one I find the least competitive. But he’s Tom Jones. He’s a star! He’s been in this business for like 70 years."

As for, Olly Murs and Meghan Trainor - who joined the series this year - the competition is certainly on!

She continued: "I mean, Olly always wants to win. And I think Meghan would really like to win because it's her first series and I feel like whenever you're kind of new to that panel, it's always nice to kind of end it with a win."

At 17,'s act Gevanni Hutton is one of the youngest contestants in the final, and if he were to win the show, Emma thinks we could see a slightly more emotional side to the eccentric coach.

"I feel like it would mean so much to Will this year because he has had such a phenomenal bond with Gevanni from the minute he walked out onto that stage and just kind of said, 'I'm doing it for my family because I want them to have a better life' and that's exactly why Will got into music," she explained.

"So I feel like that is an incredibly personal connection. I think he would be over the moon. Maybe he would cry now that I think about it!"

The Voice UK 2020 finals
The Voice UK 2020 coaches ITV

Seeing the musician in this way could even bring a little tear to Emma's eye, with the presenter adding: "Whenever I see Will get emotional, I always cry. There were a couple of times in the series just gone when he would talk about about one of his acts and he would kind of say, 'I just hope if I have children, they are just like you.' So sweet! I don’t know what it is, but he can make me quite emotional Will."

As the presenter of the show for the past seven years, Emma has already witnessed six stars win the show, so surely she must have some idea who could be in a chance of winning this year's trophy.

So, will it be Gevanni, Tom's act Jonny Brooks, Meghan's act Brooke Scullion, or Blessing Chitapa - who is Team Olly?

Although Emma wouldn't give one contestant's name, she did admit that Gevanni had "progressed the most".

The Voice UK 2020 contestant Gevanni
The Voice UK 2020 contestant Gevanni Hutton ITV

She said: "They've all probably progressed differently, but kind of in the strength of his voice, Gevanni has progressed I think the most from that point of view. Jonny's confidence has progressed more.

"And Brooke, I just always remember Brooke being the same. She was amazing in her audition, amazing in the battles and every single round she's just been consistent. She's just so at home up there. And Blessing as well is very much the same as Brooke. From the get go, she came out and all of our jaws were on the floor!"


The Voice UK final is on ITV on Saturday November 14th at 8:40pm. If you’re looking for more to watch check out our TV guide.


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